Why Us?

Happy Valley Settlement Services is an excellent choice when buying or refinancing a home or investment property because:

  • Our excellent personnel structure with two attorneys, and staff associates to complete transactions and follow through with issues from initial research to post-closing
  • Documents are recorded electronically before you leave
  • Disbursement of funds at closing upon collection of “good funds”
  • Experienced in 1031 exchanges
  • We will work with the client to close in a business location of their choice including: real estate offices, lenders offices, and our office
  • Provide prompt, friendly, and courteous service by knowledgeable and experienced staff
  • Convenient office location with easy, free parking, a comfortable environment, and a confidential setting

Title Insurance

  • Having an attorney involved in the closing process can help protect your rights before, during, and after closing.  They also help their clients fully understand the documents they are signing.
  • Happy Valley Settlement Services represents buyers and homeowners in real estate closings and help clients with title insurance.
  • At our firm, we help clients understand every aspect of their title insurance and how it affects their mortgage.  We will walk you through the documents you are signing to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations under your mortgage and title insurance.
  • We are experienced in handling real estate issues that arise during the closing process.  From title issues, zoning issues, land issues, to HUD-1 and closing statement disputes, we can help with every aspect of your closing.