Closing Information

Information needed to start the process of searching the title for your property you are refinancing or purchasing is as follows:


  • Copy of the signed agreement of sale
  • Lender’s contact information


  • Lender’s contact information and copy of commitment letter


Realizing every closing is different and some closings require special documents, below is a list of items needed at every closing:

  • As required by the US Patriot Act and Notary Laws, two forms of photo identification, i.e., driver’s license, passport, state issued identification card, credit card will be required to identify you.
  • Copies of documents. Any documents your lender is requiring to be provided as a condition at closing.
  • Money required at closing is required to be “good” funds to assure immediate availability. You will need to bring a certified/cashier’s check(s) or send funds via bank wire (preferred – instructions available upon request).
  • Proof of Homeowners Insurance
    1. Review your contract to make sure your names are spelled correctly and the names match the loan application
    2. Know how you wish to hold title if buying jointly
    3. Set up a final walk through prior to settlement (if you have a buyer’s agent, they will handle this)